Monday, July 19, 2010

My Coupon Diary: Day 9: 07-19-10

Day 9: 07-19-10

My kids and I had a great day down at Riverfront Park. We had gone for a train ride with our homeschool group, then ran around with my Mom, Sister, Shannan, and kiddos. I had plan on relaxing when we got home, but soon realized Amariah had swim team practice, so out the door we went.

While Amariah was swimming, I ran to Fred Meyer and bought bread. I know earlier this week I had post it to be $.40 a loaf, but it actually is $.50, so I ended up spending $2. When I was scanning through blogs this morning, I realized that there are no KRAFT coupons out there to go with the catalina that started today, so I've decided to 86 that off my list. Plus, I just found shredded cheese in the freezer, so I'm good.

Albertsons is on my list for tomorrow. I want to check with customer service about these $2 produce coupons they are mailing out. People are reporting having problems with the store not taking them and Shannan and I have compared barcode #'s and ours match. This has me concerned because they may ring through as have already been used. So, I will be asking when I get in the door just to make sure. I don't want to get in line and realize it will do nothing for me. It is odd they are having issues considering the store is the one passing them out.

Tonight before bed I will be looking at ads. I will grab my Albertsons ad and Safeway add to make sure Albertsons is where I want to shop this week. I usually will hit a few places (and I just might), but for the things I need now, I'm leaning towards Albertsons.

Thats one thing to keep in mind; if you have the time to shop multiple stores, then do. This will save you even more money. If you don't have that time, then don't. Just make the store you're using work the best for you. Read up on their coupon policy and always carry it with you. Make sure you get signed up for email promotions and ad previews to give you a head start to the next week. Map out your purchases. I always have a list of the stores I want to hit and the deals I'm getting there. Then, further down on my paper I have a list of things I want to check. Being organized will lead to you being comfortable and the cashiers will appreciate it.

Goodnight for now and Happy Couponing!

My Total Left to Spend This Week: $23

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